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(EMAIL RCVD 8/19/2021)

DATE:  August 19, 2021

SUBJECT:  Instructional Materials and Technology Allotment for Fiscal Years 2022 and 2023
CATEGORY:  Information for School Years 2021-22 and 2022-23
NEXT STEPS:  Share with appropriate budget staff and instructional materials coordinators

2022–2023 Technology and Instructional Materials Allotment (PDF)

The 2022‒2023 instructional materials and technology allotment allocations for each district and open-enrollment charter school (local educational agency or LEA) will be available on the
instructional materials website and are expected to be populated in EMAT, the state’s online ordering system, August 20, 2021.

Although the amounts will soon appear in EMAT, the actual funds will not be available until after September 1, 2021. Until that time, LEAs may use unexpended funds (carry-over funds) for allotment expenditures, including newly adopted instructional materials, continuing contracts, technological equipment, and technology services. If carry-over funds are not available, LEAs may order materials through requisitions for up to 80% of their 2022‒2023 allotment funds through the delayed-payment option. Publishers that have agreed to receive delayed payments are identified in EMAT. Please share this information with all those responsible for fiscal accountability in your LEA.

The amounts in EMAT must serve LEAs for two full school years. LEA personnel responsible for making instructional materials and educational technology purchasing decisions will want to carefully plan the two years’ spending to ensure that funds are available when they are needed. Funds not used during a biennium carry over to the next.

You will notice that the 2022–2023 allotment is lower than it has been in previous years. The legislature reduced the allotment to more closely match the projected costs of Proclamation 2021 and Proclamation 2022 instructional materials for prekindergarten systems, health, and physical education; however, they did indicate their intention to increase future allotments to more closely align with previous allocations. In addition to the allotment, the legislature appropriated additional funds through House Bill (HB) 1525 and HB 4545, 87th Texas Legislature, to support accelerated learning, academic supports, and accelerated learning policy. Adopted instructional materials for the visually impaired (braille, large-print, and audio) are the property of the state and are not paid for out of an LEA's allotment. They can be requested through EMAT and must be returned to the redistribution center when they are no longer in use. LEAs that choose to purchase non-adopted instructional materials should remember that, should Braille, large-print, or audio versions be required by a student’s individualized education plan or Section 504 plan, the LEA is required to provide those versions using allotment or local funds.

If you have any questions, please contact the Instructional Materials Division by submitting an
Instructional Materials Help Desk ticket.

Instructional Materials Update - May 14, 2021

EMAT is Open for the 2021–22 School Year
EMAT is now open for districts to begin ordering instructional materials for the 2021–22 school year. Authorized users must complete the following three prerequisites before placing orders:

Submit TEKS Certification Form. The certification due date, May 28, is quickly approaching. Forms will still be accepted after the due date, but districts are encouraged to submit the form as soon as the local board has approved it. Information on the certification process can be found on the TEA website.

  • Enter at least three preferred delivery date ranges for 2021–22 orders shipped during the summer.
  • These are dates someone is available at your district to receive the shipments.
  • Review and verify or update district user contact information and delivery addresses.

Proclamation 2021 State-Adopted Publishers  
The Proclamation 2021 state-adopted publishers with signed contacts are now orderable in EMAT. Publishers with signed contracts are: 

  • Benchmark Education 
  • Frog Street Press, Inc. 
  • HighScope Educational Research Foundation 
  • Kaplan Early Learning Company 
  • Learning Without Tears 
  • QuaverEd 
  • Robert-Leslie Publishing, The Early Childhood Company 
  • Savvas Learning Company LLC formerly Pearson K12 Learning  
  • Teaching Strategies LLC 
  • TPS Publishing, Inc. 

Publishers with contracts pending approval will be orderable in EMAT once the contract is signed. Publishers with contracts pending approval are: 

  • CLI @ The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston 
  • Scholastic Inc. 

Place Orders for Accessible Instructional Materials (AIM)
Accessible versions of state-adopted materials may be ordered by placing an AIM requisition in EMAT. Additional information about ordering Accessible Instructional Materials and resources for purchasing non-adopted instructional materials can be found on the TEA website.

  • We recommend ordering state-adopted materials in braille format by May 31, to ensure delivery by August 24.
  • We recommend ordering state-adopted materials in large-print and audio formats by July 23, to ensure delivery by August 24.

What’s New?
The EMAT Training has been updated. District users are still required to complete the training, but districts will no longer submit the training certification to TEA. Districts are required to maintain records of the training locally.

Requests to Update Adopted Instructional Materials
New requests have been added to the Updates and Substitution webpage from the following publishers:

  • Learning A–Z, English language arts and reading, grades K and 2–4
  • Learning Without Tears, prekindergarten
  • Scholastic, prekindergarten

 If you would like to comment on any of the proposed changes, submit a Public Comment Submission Form.

Proclamation 2022: Health and Physical Education
The pre-adoption samples for health and physical education will be posted on the Proclamation 2022 webpage by June 1, 2021. The public comment period will begin once the samples are posted and will last through November 1, 2021.

Updated Adoption Cycle for Foundation and Enrichment Subjects
The SBOE’s adoption cycle for foundation and enrichment subjects has been updated on the review and adoption website. In this new version, instructional materials for science and technology applications will be included in Proclamation 2024, instructional materials for social studies will be included in Proclamation 2025, and Proclamation 2026 will include mathematics.

Applications Open for CRIMSI Full Year
The COVID Recovery Instructional Materials Support Initiative (CRIMSI) provides additional support for Texas Home Learning (THL) to reduce learning loss related to COVID-19.
Applications are still open for CRIMSI Full Year through June 11th. Sign up now for full-year implementation supports, product coaching, and more!
Learn about CRIMSI Full Year by visiting the CRIMSI website and reading the CRIMSI One-pager.

THL Summer Units
THL summer units have been curated and/or designed by each THL publisher to support districts, schools, and educators to meet the unique needs of summer 2021. Check out the Summer Unit One-Pagers to learn more about each product.

You may also view recorded product webinars and slides on the THL website.

Reviewer Application Open for Review of Remote Learning Features

Learning List, in partnership with TEA, is seeking a diverse group of Texas educators with expertise in using digital instructional materials in K–12 reading and language arts, mathematics, science, or social studies to review SBOE-adopted digital instructional materials to determine the extent to which they support remote learning. Reviewers will be compensated.

The reviews are scheduled to begin later this month and there are a limited number of spots available. Apply today!

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