***Because of the COVID-19 situation, the information will be provided through EMAT announcements instead of a listserv bulletin.***

The Special Textbook Redistribution Center (STRC) will be open to receive shipments of surplus braille and large-print instructional materials from November 4, 2019, through March 27, 2020. The STRC will be closed December 16, 2019, through January 3, 2020, for winter break.

Instructions for shipping surplus braille and large-print instructional materials, including out of adoption materials, to the STRC can be found on the Accessible Instructional Materials page of the TEA website  - Click here

If you have questions concerning this process, please contact leaann.lee@tea.texas.gov.

Proclamation 2020 Freight
Legislation requiring the state to pay interstate instructional materials (IM) shipping costs (House Bill [HB] 396, 86th Texas Legislature) became effective September 1, 2019. This requirement affects Proclamation 2020 contracts and any contracts for future proclamations. State-adopted publishers with contracts in place prior to September 1, 2019, are not affected by this legislative change and will continue to follow the freight requirements in existing publisher contracts.

Districts are now required to submit requests for disbursement on freight for EMAT requisitions weighing over 150 pounds. The information below provides guidance for the new requirement:

  • Publishers must use FedEx for requisition shipments weighing less than or equal to 150 pounds. FedEx is responsible for invoicing TEA directly.
  • Publishers must invoice Local Education Agencies (LEAs) directly for requisition shipments weighing over 150 pounds. LEAs must submit a disbursement request for reimbursement in order to access the state freight fund.
  • LEAs may negotiate freight and designate a freight provider of their choice for shipments weighing over 150 pounds; however, if the publisher or its depository offers alternative shipping arrangements at similar or better terms than those designated by the LEA, the LEA shall not unreasonably deny the request.

Submitting freight requests as reimbursements to the LEA will allow LEAs to know the actual freight cost and avoid overages. The overage funds for freight must be returned to TEA. Submit an Instructional Materials Help Desk ticket with questions about freight overages.

March 4, 2020

The Allotment and TEKS Certification for the 2020-21 school year is now available in EMAT.

School districts and charter schools are required to certify annually to the State Board of Education and the commissioner that, for each subject in the required curriculum other than physical education, students have access to instructional materials that cover all of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills. Districts and charter schools will be unable to order 2020-21 instructional materials through EMAT or receive disbursement funds until the certification has been received by the Texas Education Agency.

Instructions and requirements regarding the new certification form are available at https://youtu.be/HxH4oFVn6Dk

Large-print materials for Proclamation 2020 are now available for ordering. Please order large-print materials by July 24, 2020, to ensure delivery by August 24, 2020. For assistance with braille, audio, or large-print orders, please contact Lea Ann Lee at leaann.lee@tea.texas.gov. 


April 30, 2020

A New Waiver is Available.
School districts and open-enrollment charter schools are required to conduct an annual physical inventory of all currently adopted instructional materials that have been requisitioned by, and delivered to, the district and maintain results of the inventory in the district's files. If a district or charter school did not complete the inventory before school buildings were closed, the school district or charter should request a waiver of the requirement from the Commissioner.  Steps for submitting a waiver request to the Commissioner can be found on the Steps for Submitting Instructional Materials Inventory Requirement Waiver document here.  An Instructional Materials FAQ is available at the same location on the TEA website.

EMAT opening delayed
Due to COVID-19-related issues and EMAT updates that are currently taking place, the EMAT opening for the 2020-21 school year has been postponed. EMAT is now scheduled to open May 11, 2020. 

We are currently experiencing a very high volume of allotment disbursement requests. Approval can take up to 20 business days from your district's date of submission (longer if there is a need for additional information or clarification). Requests are reviewed in the order in which they were submitted. Thank you for your patience, as we are working to process the requests as quickly as possible. Please wait to contact TEA about submitted disbursement requests until 20 business days after the request was initially submitted.

To help move your request forward faster, please follow the steps below.

  • Review the request carefully prior to submitting it.
  • Spell out titles.
  • Use the Item Search to determine if a product is state adopted.
  • Fill out all fields with the appropriate information.
  • Check the request weekly to determine the status of the request.
    • For in-progress requests, look to see if TEA staff was the last user to update the request.
  • TEA staff will contact the district EMAT contact explaining the changes needed when the request is reopened.
  • Once the updates are made, resubmit the request and respond to the email that the disbursement request has been resubmitted.
  • TEA staff will approve the request without the district having to wait in the disbursement request queue again.