EMAT is now open for the 2024-25 school year. Any unexpended funds from this biennium and previous years (carry-over funds) will be available after all the following prerequisites are met:

  • Complete the TEKS Certification 2024-25 Process, which includes ratification of the TEKS Certification 2024-25 Form and submission of the TEKS Certification 2024-25 Survey. Information on the TEKS Certification 2024-25 Process can be found on the State-Adopted Instructional Materials page of the TEA website 

  • Enter at least three preferred shipment date ranges for the summer.

  • Confirm or update contacts.

  • Confirm or update addresses.

Braille, large print, and audio materials are available for ordering. We recommend placing requisitions for braille by June 2, 2024, and for large print or audio by July 21, 2024.